The mummy study unwrapped: your thoughts

I haven’t posted in quite some time, but my second PhD is now completed and awarded and so I hope to get back to posting more regularly over the next few weeks. I’ll be travelling in the USA this summer as part of my current research in youth justice, but I hope to take any opportunities to look at museums with collections from Kemet. As ever, I’m interested to see how Kemet is represented.

In the meantime, following on from the last article I posted on the reporting of the mummy DNA and alerting you to a question by S.O. Keita in the comments:

This is addressed to the readers of this blog:  What do you find most problematic about the piece on mummy genomes by Schuenemann et al. published in the last two years? Please list one or two things. This will promote a great discussion.

Please share your thoughts…