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Kemet Expert is now nearly 18 months old. It has been great to make new contacts, and to receive some really interesting questions and thoughts on matters relating to African-centered approaches to the study of Ancient Egypt. However, some readers who get in touch clearly do not share this viewpoint. I’m not sure how much clearer I could be about the purpose of this blog. So I’m re-posting below.

‘Kemet Expert’ is a blog dedicated to African-centred Egyptology. ‘Kemet’ was one of the ancient names given to the country that later became known as ‘Egypt’. However, more recently ‘Kemet’ implies an African-focused approach to the study of the ancient culture.

The blog is based on the premise that Ancient Egypt shares commonalities with other African cultures; and that in order to fully understand this ancient culture, it is necessary to draw parallels from other indigenous African cultures.

This blog is intended as a source of information for those who wish to view Ancient Egypt from an African-focused perspective. It is not intended as a forum for questioning this approach; many of these already exist.

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “A reminder about the Kemet Expert blog”

  1. Excellent post.

    I personally believe that this is a very groundbreaking blog, and is obstensibly erudite in its presentation.

    I have recently reviewed E.A Wallis Budge’s “An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary”, written in the 1930’s, and he makes a number of remarkable statements in the introduction, most notably that “These words are monosyllabic and were imvented by one of the oldest African peoples in the valley if the Nile”, in regards of the Kemetic language. In short: scholars, and the ancient Kemites themselves, have long ascertained the deep affinities to African culture which must be explored and quantified.

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